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Getting To Blinky 4.0 
4chan è in crisi esistenziale, ecco perché dobbiamo aiutarlo 
"Learn Python" Overtakes "Learn Java" on Google Trends 
How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell 
Apple Music cancella 122GB di musica dal Mac di un musicista, inediti inclusi 
L'Internet delle cose che si spengono da sole 
Destiny, nuova espansione per arginare i pochi contenuti? 
Don't use Hadoop - your data isn't that big 
Hackers, your favourite pentesting OS Kali Linux can now be run in a browser 
PYTHON Making global variable accessible from every process 
The WRT54GL: A 54Mbps router from 2005 still makes millions for Linksys 
Unbundling Pokmon Go — Applidium 
KickassTorrents is back because nothing on the internet is ever truly dead 
It’s Back! Python for .NET – TheLastTechie 
runmultithread/README.md at master · juanpabloaj/runmultithread · GitHub 
PyQt: Threading Basics Tutorial 
Distributed lock manager for Python (Python recipe) by pavel 
WhatsApp Web 
This 25 year old hacker makes $100,000 a year moonlighting as ‘bug bounty’ hunter 
Il creatore di Popcorn Time a Wired: "Non è pirateria, è Netflix che fa schifo" 
La linguistica computazionale applicata a South Park 
Reverse Engineering A Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel 
Facebook Password reset vulnerability allowed hackers to hijack any FB account 
Firefox OS Reinvented for the Internet of Things 
Questo youtuber si è spaventato a morte esplorando un multiplayer abbandonato 
Il mistero dell'hack televisivo più inquietante della storia 
70 cose da sapere prima di vedere Captain America: Civil War 
10 Myths of Enterprise Python 
Maggio 1986, addio per sempre alle “Gruppo B” 
Is Telegram Really Safe for Activists Under Threat? These Two Russians Aren’t So Sure. 
Il computer che è riuscito a spacciarsi per un essere umano 
New BlackArch Linux version released, now provides 1400 pentesting tools 
Mike Rowe Schools Liberals On What A REAL MAN Is 
Learn it Faster: The Entire Python Language in a Single Image 
The Coen Brothers Finally Address That One 'Big Lebowski' Theory 
15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Dropbox 
Battere Calderoli usando Python 
How I won 4 Twitter contests a day (every day for 9 months straight) 
17 February 2016 Unlocking your Zen with Python Comprehensions 
How does the min/max function on a nested list work? 
Amazon’s customer service backdoor 
Internet of hackable things? Why IoT devices need better security 
10 cose che non hai capito de "La grande scommessa" e non hai il coraggio di chiedere 
Building automation systems are so bad IBM hacked one for free 
Mark as Duplicate 
The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment 
Underscores in Python 
20 cose che forse non sapevate su I Guardiani della Galassia 
To reach 50 million users Telephone took 75 years, Internet took 4 years however Angry Birds took only 35 days!! 
Did You Know? 13 Amazing Facts About Linux That Will Surprise You 
The Zune Is Dead. Here's What to Do With Your Old One 
Beware Coffee Lovers! StarBucks Exposed you to 3 Critical Vulnerabilities 
Passione phon: quando il rumore (bianco) è rilassante. Ecco perchè 
Woman Dies After Eating Toast In 'Three In A Million' Tragedy 
Il browser Opera ha 20 anni. L'azienda cambia logo e nome 
This New Linux Trojan Launches Deadly DDoS Attacks at 150+ Gpbs 
Is there an Internet-of-Things vigilante out there? 
It's Official: Google Becomes ALPHABET 
Il worm di MySpace che ha cambiato internet per sempre 
Microsoft Pays $24,000 Bounty to Hacker for Finding 'Account Hacking' Technique 
L'hacker anarchico che voleva rivoluzionare Bitcoin 
What is Pickle in python ? 
Hacking Fitbit Health Trackers Wirelessly in 10 Seconds 
Here's How Graphene Mics Could Detect Sounds Beyond the Range of Human Hearing 
Tre anni dalla scomparsa dell’hacktivista Aaron Swartz non sono passati invano 
Il comune di Saracinesco reintroduce la canapa 
This Blue Stripe is Showing up on Streets all Over America, Here's What it Means... 
Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is Real: First Hyperloop Intro Video is Here 
Il regista di 'Hackers': i roller sono passati di moda, ma tutto il resto no 
Donne, il 70% degli italiani pensa che non siano adatte alla scienza 
D-Link Accidentally Publishes Its Private Code-Signing Keys on the Internet 
Why We Hate Logo Redesigns 
La storia del sottomarino nazista che affondò nelle sue feci 
5.6 Million Federal Employees' Fingerprints Stolen in OPM Hack 
Come ti truffo il bancomat: Gdata mostra le tecniche dei cybercriminali usate in Spagna e Germania 
Questa GIF da 1.000 anni andrà avanti fino al 3017 
Google Is 2 Billion Lines of Code—And It’s All in One Place 
ARIN IPv4 Free Pool Reaches Zero 
How I hacked my IP camera, and found this backdoor account 
Hacking Amazon’s $5 Dash Button to order Domino’s Pizza 
Leonardo DiCaprio Parts Ways With Fossil Fuels 
A White Hat Virus for the Internet of Things 
Inside Reddit’s Plan to Recover From Its Epic Meltdown 
Finally, The CIA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination 
Ho creato una botnet che potrebbe distruggere Spotify con degli ascolti falsi 
Hacking CCTV Cameras to Launch DDoS Attacks 
In Italia faceva Zelig, a New York gestisce un network da 10miliardi. L’incredibile storia di Brian Pallas 
Chi è il fondatore di Popcorn Time (che oggi si è dato al Bitcoin) 
Il "bambino scettico" simbolo dell'Africa: la vera storia di uno scatto virale 
TIL: New String Formatting in Python 
Tor just released Tor Messenger, now chat with full anonymity 
6 lezioni che possiamo imparare dalla donna che ha mandato l’uomo sulla luna 
Python 201 – An Intro to Context Managers 
This 11-year-old is selling cryptographically secure passwords for $2 each 
China Unable To Recruit Hackers Fast Enough To Keep Up With Vulnerabilities In U.S. Security Systems 
Cos’è la Blockchain e perché queste 25 startup possono davvero cambiare l’economia 
I disertori di Hacking Team 
Gli integer a 32-bit e l'importanza dei vecchi computer 
L'origami di grafene che cammina 
This $10 Device Can Guess and Steal Your Next Credit Card Number before You've Received It 
: Atom è l'editor preferito di Jono Bacon, ma non il mio 
Firefox OS smartphones are dead 
Mutant Mosquitoes To Be Released Near Florida 
Can A Brand-New Web Browser Survive In 2015? 
Hai poca memoria? Ti svelo la formula segreta per ricordare 
50 film davvero innovativi 
L'algoritmo semplice ed elegante che fa funzionare Google Maps 
The ’90s Startup That Terrified Microsoft and Got Americans to Go Online 
'AntiDetect' tool only way to Cashout from a Stolen Credit Cards 
Scientists Insert Happy Memories Into the Brains of Sleeping Mice 
Best Alternatives to Tor Browser to Browse Anonymously 
The Man Who Tried to Redeem the World with Logic 
Desert Falcons hackers infect thousands of Windows and Android devices 
AirHopper — Hacking Into an Isolated Computer Using FM Radio Signals 
LOpht’s warnings about the Internet drew notice but little action 
Isobaric Subwoofer Design 
Facebook users inadvertently hack themselves while trying to hack friends 
Google Brillo OS — New Android-based OS for Internet of Things 
Scientists Discover the Strongest Known Natural Material in the World 
Seeing the human pulse 
Story of Chris Putnam: The First Facebook Hacker 
Amazon fa male o bene al mercato italiano? 
Steven Spielberg is Directing the READY PLAYER ONE Movie 
Why Is The Dollar Sign A Letter S? 
Video: Largest hacker breach ever? Anthem says 80 million records exposed 
Perchè il termine uomo indica sia l'intera umanità che un sesso? 
Interstellar Was So Big It Almost Broke IMAX 
The 40% Rule – AVC 
Wi-Fi password can be hacked with smart lightbulb 
Meet The Dutch Teen Who Maps ISIS From His Bedroom 
E anche Scooby Doo divenne un fenomeno paranormale 
Arduino in research and biotech 
Loophole in United Kingdom’s The Pirate Bay ban, TPB running full steam in UK 
Google Feud: le ricerche su Google diventano un gioco 
La mail misteriosa che aveva predetto la paranoia NSA nel 1996 
Calculate Pi Using Python 
Feds found Silk Road 2 servers after a six-month attack on Tor 
A Google servono 22 giorni per trovarti su internet 
Facebook Launches Free Friend-to-friend Payments Through Messenger 
Windows 10 Upgrade Will be Free for Illegal and Pirated Copies 
Arduino ha un problema con Arduino 
Adblock Everywhere: The Raspberry Pi-Hole Way 
Default arguments in Python : The Digital Cat 
Gli USA contro il Dark Web. Ma i terroristi preferiscono la Rete normale 
PDFCrowd and its HTML to PDF API (for Python and other languages) 
7000 Women, Mostly From India and US Create a World Record for Hackathon ahead of Women’s Day 
No Browser is safe : Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari all hacked at Pwn2Own contest 
La truffa di uno dei più grandi bazar della darknet 
Installing and using Hack 
Perchè la selezione naturale non ha fatto fuori la malattia mentale 
Windows 7 non più supportato da Boot Camp sui nuovi MacBook e Mac Pro 
Spotify è troppo generoso con gli utenti non paganti: Universal Music vuole più restrizioni 
Tv, Vigilanza contro Affari tuoi: «Dubbi sulla regolarità dei premi» 
Al Pwn2Own bucati tutti i browser, Chrome quello con la pelle più dura 
What Would Happen If You Put A Mirror In A Scanner? 
Progetta il software dei parcometri e ruba i soldi: ingegnere arrestato 
Google Unveils a Stick That Turns Any Display Into a PC 
13-year-old Minecraft player confesses to Swatting on three occasions 
Guardare gente che programma è la nuova moda di internet 
Edible Water “Blobs” Invented to Reduce Pollution from Plastic Water Bottles 
Benvenuti in E-stonia 
First episode of upcoming CSI : CYBER leaked by cyber criminals ahead of its premier 
“Deep Dense Face Detector” a breakthrough in face detection 
The original indie dev: How one man made 22 games in 22 years, mostly from his basement 
Critical 0-days in open source? The problem isn't code, it's CASH 
Mike Rowe is asked if Scott Walker finishing college is important, BEST response you'll ever see 
Toshiba Unveils First Camera Modules for Project Ara Phones 
Il furto hacker da 1 mld di dollari che nessuno riesce ancora a fermare 
YouTube: More Than Just A Decade Of Cat Videos 
The Only Way You Can Delete This NSA Malware Is to Smash Your Hard Drive to Bits 
An Australian researcher working on how to store 1000TB storage on a CD 
Banche sotto attacco, rubati oltre 300 milioni di dollari 
Millions of Facebook users have no idea they’re using the internet 
100 Must-Read Articles on Testing and Optimization from 2014 
Firefox’s adoption of closed-source DRM breaks my heart 
The curious case of the Facebook page that posts the same thing every day 
Neil Armstrong's purse: First moonwalker had hidden bag of Apollo 11 artifacts 
Perché in Romania internet è molto più veloce che in Italia? 
11 Python Libraries You Might Not Know 
Google reveals 3 Apple OS X Zero-day Vulnerabilities 
Police Seized 50 Servers in Pirate Bay Raid 
Hacker News 
Following Credential Leak, Microsoft Confirms Mojang Not Hacked 
Il fondatore di 4chan si ritira a 26 anni 
11 Python Libraries You Might Not Know 
Kickstarter: PyImageSearch Gurus 
Introduction to Python Generators 
Vulnerability in Snapshot, a Bluetooth device from Progressive Insurance can compromise more than 2 million car owners 
Python Packages For Data Mining 
Facebook hacking by injecting XML payload into Word Document 
What database actually FACEBOOK uses? 
Why Do Hackers use LINUX? 
How to Become an Ethical Hacker? 
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16 Things 
Brand Killer: Adblock for Real Life. 
The scope of index variables in Python's for loops 
“Silk Road Reloaded” ha inaugurato un network più segreto di Tor 
In defense of reinventing wheels 
Che cos'è Chthonic, la nuova minaccia per l'home banking 
Programmers are fucking lazy 
Hacker Grabbed $600,000 In Two Months 
Facebook Wants to Connect the Whole World to the Internet. Here’s Why That’s a Problem. 
YouTube is not enough : Facebook video is essential for brands 
Sul nuovo motore di ricerca per la Darknet ho trovato di tutto 
Wal-Mart e altri big americani contro Apple Pay 
Bringing back python memory 
What Facebook's search feature means for brands, publishers 
Computer Vision with Raspberry Pi and the Camera Pi module 
Proto-Spam: Spanish Prisoners and Confidence Games 
How Facebook Knows When Its Ads Influence Your Offline Purchases 
Google svela i segreti di Inbox, l’evoluzione della posta elettronica 
Tutorial: How to Connect to MySQL With Python 
BitCannon: Download Torrent Sites to Use Offline 
How GitHub uses GitHub to document GitHub 
The Pirate Bay Runs on 21 "Raid-Proof" Virtual Machines 
Biggest Mistakes in Web Design 1995-2015 
I am Julian Assange. AMA about my new book, "When Google Met WikiLeaks." 
Opinion: GUEST COLUMN: Indiscriminate surveillance at MIT 
A Web App That Visualizes Wikipedia as a Starry Galaxy of Articles 
Cookies must be enabled. 
The Hack language – Programming Language for Future 
The Rise of Hacker News Is Bad News for the Tech World 
An Interface for Tracking Botnets That’s Fit for a Sci-Fi Starship 
"USBdriveby" Emulates Mouse and Keyboard to Hijack Computers 
“The Interview” Torrent Downloads Exist but They're Not What You'd Expect 
The Python I Would Like To See 
3D Printing Your Vagina is Not Legal in Japan - Artist Megumi Igarashi is Finally Indicted 
That Old PlayStation Can Aid Science 
That Old PlayStation Can Aid Science 
Cec-Pac: addio alla ‘migliore riforma italiana dal dopoguerra ad oggi’ 
Run a python script on a server from a web interface 
Exploiting CISCO Linksys Router WAG200G 
How The Pirate Bay Remains Untouchable 
Hacking PayPal Account with Just a Click 
Transfer files directly between servers with FTP Rush 
How to Make Utorrent faster 
Google's reCAPTCHA can tell if You're a Spambot or Human with Just a Click 
An alleged 27GB Sony Pictures data dump. 65 PlayStation web servers. One baffling mystery 
This Tiny Engine Could Make Leaf Blowers Sound Less Like Jets 
Lenovo IdeaCentre A600 Restoration - Intro 
BASHLITE Malware leverages ShellShock Bug to Hijack Devices Running BusyBox 
Se hai la batteria sempre scarica è colpa di Google 
Microsoft patches 2 decade old bug which is present on all Windows machines since Win95 
ESP8266 powered web server + LED control + DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor reading 
​Ho chiesto a Massimo Banzi se Arduino è solo un fenomeno di marketing 
Samsung Galaxy S5,iPhone 5s and Nexus 5 Hacked at Pwn2Own Competition 
IBM and Nvidia win $425M to build two monstrous supercomputers for the Department of Energy 
Google Misses Trojan SMS App in Play Store for More than a Year 
81% of Tor users can be de-anonymised by analysing router information, research indicates 
Malware served through rogue Tor exit node tied to cyberespionage group 
BASHLITE Malware Uses ShellShock to Hijack Devices Running BusyBox 
How a Russian Dark Web Drug Market Outlived the Silk Road (And Silk Road 2) 
Exploitation of Philips Smart TV 
Default ATM passcodes still exploited by crooks 
Learn To Navigate Windows Without A Mouse, Keyboard Or Screen 
How DNS cache poisoning works 
Forget Taylor Swift: Spotify is facing a much bigger problem 
Finally, Science Explains Why No One Can Lift Thor’s Hammer 
Part 1: Hacking HI3518 based IP camera 
Wil Wheaton: Anonymous trolls are destroying online games. Here’s how to stop them. 
Apache Wicket's Encrypted URLs don't protect from CSRF : Fabian Faessler : samuirai 
Cosa è successo durante il disservizio di Wind-Infostrada del 13 Giugno 2014? Ecco tutti i retroscena 
Title: Julia: A Fresh Approach to Numerical Computing 
Cybersecurity experts reveal U.S. admins' flaws in fixing Heartbleed bug 
ISPs are especially sensitive about DDoS attacks 
Meet OpenBazaar, the black market that's part Silk Road and part eBay 
A Proper Server Naming Scheme 
Big Data: Cyber Security's Silver Bullet? Intel Makes the Case 
Why People Were Forced To Download Facebook Messenger 
Python install guide 
Condividere la raccolta Pocket con Python 
Cracking Avatar’s Language Codes 
Hacking traffic lights given as example of possible G20 cyberattacks 
China's quantum leap in cyber security war 
Exploit For Vulnerability in Belkin Router Integrated in Metasploit 
Microsoft Office gratis per iPhone, iPad e iPod. E nel 2015 toccherà ad Android 
Why you can't get strippers' names with public records requests : Columbia Journalism Review 
The robotic worm 
MySQL: Extracting timstamp and MAC address from UUIDs 
Basic colour theory for programmers 
More Than 400 .Onion Addresses, Including Dozens of ‘Dark Market’ Sites, Targeted as Part of Global Enforcement Action on Tor Network 
How Apple Pay Saved My NFC Startup 
Do we really need a long and complicated password for websites? 
Open source rules for robots 
This is how your Gmail account got hacked 
Drupal SQL Injection Vulnerability leaves Millions of Websites Open to Hackers 
Pulling JPEGs out of thin air 
Il piccolo genio ribelle chiamato dal Cern che la scuola bloccò col sette in condotta 
New BlackEnergy Crimeware Enhanced to Target Linux Systems and Cisco Routers 
How to stop pendrives from getting unwanted viruses ? 
Tor Browser 4.0 is released 
Rally Gearshift Display 
Lucca 2014: intervista a Davide La Rosa e Riccardo Pieruccini (Prussiani vs Alieni) 
Facebook Now Accessible Via Tor Anonymous Network Using .Onion Address 
Hacker Dreams Up Crypto Passport Using the Tech Behind Bitcoin 
AdamMelton.com Home 
IP Address lookups using Python : Python 
CVE-2014-4877: Wget FTP Symlink Attack Vulnerability 
Twitter Natural Language Processing : Noah's ARK 
Facebook's software architecture 
Tim Berners Lee disgustato dai troll, il lato oscuro del web 
Il costo umano della moderazione di contenuti online 
Find Out All Detailed Info Of Twitter User Activity By TinfoLeak 
Facebook Rooms: un forum anonimo per lo smartphone 
Tassa Internet di 50 centesimi a gigabyte in Ungheria 
"Patente e libretto dello stesso intestatario", multe di 700 € per automobilisti trasgressori 
When Women Stopped Coding 
Amazon Fire Phone flop dell'anno, un buco da 170 milioni 
No Coding Required: Tools Embed Interactivity into Maker Projects 
Defcon Badge Bitcoin Miner 
Drupal 7.x Versions Vulnerable to SQL injection [Highly Critical] 
How Anyone Can Find Your Personal Details Via Twitter With Tinfoleak 
Power Plug Energy Meter Hack 
An SSH Short Story Hack 
L'uomo che ha trollato i fan della teoria delle scie chimiche 
Introducing: Flickr PARK or BIRD 
Hackers have powers beyond most countries, expert says 
Computational Linguistics 
Python and Your Phone: Let’s Talk About Kivy 
Free Kall Provides calling service without Internet access 
HTTPS Everywhere? This Email Service Gives You DANE, too. 
Fake Dropbox login page nabs credentials, is hosted on Dropbox 
Now change internet passwords 'every two months' 
In Python, it’s all about the attributes 
A Normal Accident In Python and mod_wsgi 
Shellshock Bash hackers found gearing up for broader attacks 
Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws 
A 50 year-old Teletype Powered by a Raspberry Pi 
Free ad blocking for all browsers 
In Facebook’s Deals for WhatsApp and Oculus, Lessons on Stock vs. Cash 
Più navigo in Internet, più mi bruciano gli occhi 
Oeps! That page doesn't exist. 
Phishing email delivers keylogger malware, also takes screenshots 
Cosa si nasconde dietro i vestiti di H&M? La blogger 17enne svela il segreto 
How Big is Email? 
Dropbox Users Are Served a Phishing Page Delilvered over SSL 
How I converted 82% of my traffic to registered users 
Your language sucks... 
The overhead of abstraction in C/C++ vs. Python/Ruby 
Arduino-Based Blue Box (Phone Phreaking) 
Reflection DDoS Attacks Using Millions of UPnP Devices on the Rise 
CVE-2014-4114: Sandmonsters and free shells 
Kickstarter Freezes Anonabox Privacy Router Project for Misleading Funders 
Facebook “Hacking” Websites Offer Service for “Free” 
Bash Bug Laughs in the Face of Traditional Password Protection 
Google Indonesia is hacked, defaced and left to hang 
Why is Linux in High Demand? 
Hordes of cable modems, Web cams, printers can become DDoS launch platforms 
It’s not about the encryption. It’s about the encryption keys 
Critical SQL Injection vulnerability in Drupal 7.x 
The Alice and Bob After Dinner Speech 
Bad news, fandroids: He who controls the IPC tool, controls the DROID 
All-in-one printers can be used to control infected air-gapped systems from far away 
Hacking Smart Electricity Meters To Cut Power Bills 
Here’s A Video Showing What Happens When Malware Infects Your Computer And Creates Thousands Of Fake Clicks On Ads 
I Want to Write More Often 
How to Build a Kick-Ass Mobile Document Scanner in Just 5 Minutes 
It's 2014 and you can still own a Windows box using a Word file or font 
A Normal Accident In Python and mod_wsgi 
Why we aren’t using the Gmail API (yet) 
Hackers exploit two more Windows zero-day bugs 
Fing for Android displays devices that are connected to a wireless network 
Cloud Architecture 101: Scalability DON’TS 
How to Hack Your Own Network and Beef Up Its Security with Kali Linux 
Shellshock in the Wild 
Apache mod_cgi Remote Command Execution 
Uncle Sam Is Looking to Hire Hackers: Make a Six-Figure Income as a Government Geek 
Hacker News API 
Startup Crunches 100 Terabytes of Data in a Record 23 Minutes 
Patente e libretto con lo stesso intestatario: la Motorizzazione chiarisce i dubbi 
Patente e carta di circolazione, dal 3 novembre dovranno avere lo stesso intestatario 
sr-captcha/index.md at gh-pages · mieko/sr-captcha · GitHub 
A closed loop 
How The Pirate Bay Servers Became Secure To Avoid Police Raids and Detection 
Una nuova applicazione di Facebook, per essere anonimi 
Dalle vittorie nel rugby ai successi della sua cucina on the road. Il cuoco di "Unti e bisunti" si prepara a una nuova sfida e intanto racconta di quella colazione a Bari con polpo e birra : Extramagazine : Settimanale di attualità, politica, cultura ed eventi 
17-Year-Old Guy Awarded $50,000 for His Gun Inventions 
The Story of Nautilus 
Internet.org Offers $1M Prize For Apps That Make People In India Want The Web 
How Did the Nobel Prize Become the Biggest Award on Earth? 
How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read 
FireChat’s revolutionary use will not be revolutionary for long 
Bash Bug Saga Continues : Shellshock Exploit Via DHCP : Security Intelligence Blog 
Flaw in PayPal Authentication Process Allows Access to Blocked Accounts 
WordPress most targeted CMS by hackers? 
Shellshock flaw hits Lycos and Winzip - but not Yahoo 
SysAdmins Should Lose Exclusive Root Access, Pen Testers Say 
The Horror of a 'Secure Golden Key' 
Unpublished hacked celebrity nude photos going for one bitcoin online — RT USA 
La minaccia per i siti web si chiama Wang: a 13 anni è il più giovane hacker del mondo 
I miei cannoni anti-grandine sono i più all'avanguardia d'Europa 
Leaked programming manual may help criminals develop more ATM malware 
100 Oldest Domain Names 
Il MIT ha scoperto la cella solare perfetta 
Siri causa più incidenti di altri sistemi vocali, secondo l'Automobil Club USA 
Why a woman hasn't won a physics Nobel Prize in 50 years 
Adobe ebook DRM secretly builds and transmits a dossier of your reading habits 
Se i nudi delle celebrità non ti interessano, c'è una ragione scientifica 
Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay 
Lennart Poettering, la crudeltà delle community opensource ed una vita rovinata per colpa di systemd 
44 engineering management lessons 
Dopo 125 anni di servizio, il chilogrammo va in pensione 
Escape From the Data Center: The Promise of Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing 
How to Present Information Security Topics to a Non-Security Audience 
Hackers Stealing Software from Game Companies Indicted 
The Path to Full-time Open Source 
Computers are made of metal, not category theory 
Blink an LED with Javascript 
How To Choose A Barcode Scanner 
LulzSec team reunites: Anonymous hackers meets in real life for the first time 
Google Drops Compute Engine Prices By 10 Percent 
Bye Bye Javascript Promises! 
LTE Direct 
Georgia Tech Official Athletic Site 
Hacking the Bose Soundtouch, and its Linux-based OS 
Making Sense Of Shellshock Attack Chaos 
WPScan Vulnerability Database a New WordPress Security Resource 
Tor executive director hints at Firefox integration 
An immature security program is an exciting challenge 
Ello, the Facebook crusher faces massive DDoS attack 
Can a SSH Honeypot Be Used to Attract Attackers and Improve Security? 
Ecology: A world without mosquitoes 
A Beginner's Guide to Cyberwarfare 
Europol: Euro Law Enforcers Need Greater Powers to Catch Cyber Crooks 
Heatmiser WiFi thermostat vulnerabilities 
Come essere Bill Murray, in 7 punti 
Microsoft turns on the heat on notebooks 
The Internet Is Broken, and Shellshock Is Just the Start of Our Woes 
Swedish Politician Elected to Parliament on Bitcoin-Only Donations 
My $300 Home Cloud Server: A Story of Blood, Sweat, and eBay 
Facebook Is Partnering With Stripe to Power “Buy” Button 
Security Collapse In the HTTPS Market 
Bitcoin Developers: DDoS Fix is Ready 
The internet has changed everything – and nothing 
Shellshock DHCP RCE Proof of Concept 
Worse than Heartbleed: ‘Shellshock’ Bash bug threatens millions of computer systems worldwide 
From Ruby to Go: a rewrite for the future 
Hackers launch attacks exploiting 'Shellshock' bug in Bash software 
Hacking the Hackers: The Legal Risks of Taking Matters Into Private Hands 
NMK004 ROM Dumping, Part 5: The Release 
The Dropbox terabyte conundrum 
The SSD Endurance Experiment: Only two remain after 1.5PB 
Securing virtual machines still a dark art, says Kaspersky Lab 
Hacking Hackers: Taking Matters Into Private Hands 
Airplanes Can Be Hacked Via Android 
What Hackers Don't Want You to Know 
MIT Students Battle State’s Demand for Their Bitcoin Miner’s Source Code 
BLAM, BLAM, BLAM... nooooo! Hacker crew Lizard Squad spits DDoS venom on Call of Duty 
How do you track down 21,000 copies of one hacked nude photo? 
Dark Reading Radio: Trends In Application Security 
Out in the Open: The Site That Teaches You to Code Well Enough to Get a Job 
Why Guido van Rossum supports the Ada Initiative, wears a "Python is for girls" shirt, and answered questions from only women at PyCon 2014 
Another Patent Troll Slain. You Are Now Free To Rotate Your Smartphone. 
Il destino dell'Italia digitale è nelle mani di tutti noi 
Scientists Have an Answer to how the Egyptian Pyramids Were Built 
Why the Internet of Things is more than just a smart fridge 
Upcoming Book Charts Anonymous’ Rise, From Silly Pranks to Serious Power 
Simple Google API access from Python 
PiBee - Monitoraggio arnie 
Vincent Prouillet 
Texas man ordered to pay $40.4M for Bitcoin Ponzi scheme 
Researcher Discloses Wi-Fi Thermostat Vulnerabilities 
Talk About Beauties 
5 Reasons You Should Work For A Startup At Least Once 
Why we believe Apple 
Russian cyber attack exploits Scottish independence vote 
New App Wants to Make Trading Stocks as Easy as Posting Selfies 
What’s Up With That? Phantom Cellphone Vibrations 
Logging can be tricky 
Internet è governato da 7 chiavi segrete conservate da 7 uomini 
Feds say Bitcoin miner maker Butterfly Labs ran “systematic deception” [Updated] 
Why I hacked TouchID (again) and still think it’s awesome 
Accelerometers, false positives/negatives and fall detection 
VoIP Hardware Deal of the Year: Meet the $20 Pogoplug 4 with Incredible PBX 
The NSA Built Its Own Secret Google 
How to Detect SQL Injection Attacks 
Fully Automatic Wireless Hacking Station 
Raiders of the Lost ROM 
Mathematics that you can touch 
Once your car's connected to the Internet, who guards your privacy? 
What Is Bitcoin's Intrinsic Value? 
Exe Watch alerts you when new executable files are discovered 
Bibak: la startup che vuole sminare il mondo 
Thank You Apple For Rejecting My App 
Using a Loop Invariant to Help Think About a Program 
HackRead | Latest Cyber Crime - InfoSec- Tech - Hacking News 
Let Bono be a lesson: Celeb tech endorsements are better for laughs than sales 
Free Antivirus – The Best of the Best In 2014 
Barred From Facebook, and Wondering Why 
The answer (for startups) is often “Brute Force” 
Against Sharing 
Two Russian cybercriminals nabbed in Android malware scheme 
Biggest Data Breach exposed 56 million cards to hackers 
Anonymous Romania Hacks Local Police Website 
Man finds a pile of personal data in servers bought in 2006 
Microsoft to close Microsoft Research lab in Silicon Valley 
Beyond the For-Loop: Higher Order Functions and List Comprehensions in Python 
Guns, drugs and freedom: the great dark net debate 
How the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Changing the Cybersecurity Landscape 
L'addio a Mojang del creatore di Minecraft e il valore del non virale 
How a Cell Phone User Can be Secretly Tracked Across the Globe 
Amazon Fixes Persistent XSS Vulnerability Affecting Kindle Library 
Malicious Kindle Ebook Let Hackers Take Over Your Amazon Account 
Julian Assange, due anni da rifugiato politico 
Bill Gates passa tutto il primo giorno in Microsoft tentando di installare Windows 8.1 
Selling Out Was the Best Thing Minecraft’s Creator Could’ve Done 
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